The Enabler

I think my husband is an Enabler. A man that makes eating fattening food possible or easy. Why do I say this? Last night I asked for a candy bar and ice cream on his way home. In a moment of clear minded thinking, I then asked him not to bring it.

What does he do? He brings the candy bar and ice cream home. I just don’t understand it. Michael has a wife at home (Me) that can barely hold her own body weight for two hours and he brings hom ice cream and candy bars.

I’m really worried about the relationship. What happens when I do lose all the weight. Will I be losing him too because I don’t have a squishy body that he seems to love so much? Will I have to deal with him bringing home weekly temptations?

I guess only time will tell. This thought has to be put on the backburner. I have other things to deal with right now like losing the weight, finding a job, and improving my life. I know that if I improve my life, I’ll be able to improve our life.


One response to “The Enabler

  1. I think he’s just trying to be supportive. If you specifically tell him that it will sabotage your diet and it will harm you more than help you, as well as hurting your feelings because it seems like he’s not supporting you, he’ll get the hint.

    Otherwise you can always use him as target practice and make yourself some candybar slingshot. 🙂

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